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The Arc of Ohio links over 20,000 Ohioans to current public policy issues through The Arc of Ohio's weekly newsletter and through social media. These avenues provide individuals and families with a statewide network of support.

What can a Family Advocate do?

An advocate from The Arc of Ohio helps families navigate the intellectual and developmental disability system. An advocate can answer questions on everything from waivers, to guardianship, transition services, county boards, the appeal process, and much more.

What does advocacy look like? What does it mean?

Sometimes it means empowering your voice and speaking with legislators

The Arc of Ohio teaches families how and where to testify and share their story. This is crucial. County, state, and federal officials need to hear what you are going through. Every time a piece of legislation is on the floor, families with I/DD should be on the mind of the legislator.

Other times it means assembling families together for support, education, and resources.

The Arc of Ohio provides family support groups throughout the state of Ohio. We gather families together to encourage, provide updates and understanding of the I/DD system, and to connect families with other families.

The Arc of Ohio is the voice of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those who work with them. The Arc is a grassroots organization which advocates for human rights, personal dignity and community participation of individuals with developmental disabilities through legislative and social action, information and education, local chapter supports and family involvement.