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Megan Roach


Instructor Biography:

Hello friends near and far! My name is Megan Roach and I will be hanging out with you fine folks once a week, every week, for 26 weeks teaching you about Sign Language and Deaf Culture!

Here is a little background about me… I went to Hocking College and got an associates degree in early childhood education. That wasn’t enough college for me, so I went to Ohio University and got my associates degree in DSI (Deaf Studies and Interpreting).

I was the president of the ASL club for OU in Lancaster and I was at the top of my class! I’m currently enrolled at OU finishing my bachelor’s degree in Communications.

 Post college- I’ve taught basic ASL to daycares and homeschool groups. I was an interpreter for Lancaster City Schools then I was a one on one interpreter (teaching ASL and English) in Upper Arlington. I’ve a serious passion for communication! And I can see that you all do too! I’m so excited to open up a new line of communication between you and anyone that is Deaf!

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