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Columbus, OH 43215

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Accessible Parking

 Parking lots and garages throughout the arena district offer accessible (you must have a state-issued disability-parking hangtag or license plate) spaces. During heavily attended events or on days when multiple events occur, demand for accessible parking may exceed the available supply. Please arrive early and reserve parking in advance.

Accessible shuttle buses are available for guests with a pickup zone on the corner of West Street and Marconi Boulevard. The shuttle drops attendees off at the northwest corner of Lower.com Field. Shuttle service operates from four hours prior to kick off until four hours following the conclusion of the match.

View the map of the ADA-compliant shuttle pick-up/drop-off locations here.


Sensory Inclusive Venue


Sensory Rooms are located outside Section 120 on the main concourse.

Sensory Inclusion Packs are available at the Guest Services Center, located behind section 112 on the Main Concourse, or outside the West Premium Lobby entrance. Packs intended to reduce impact of the in-person experience that may be overwhelming to some of our guests include items such as fidget toys, a weighted lap pad, sunglasses, non-verbal cards, and noise-reducing headphones. Guests taking a Sensory Inclusion Pack will be asked to leave a driver’s license as collateral.


There are additional blurbs available on accessible restrooms, a sensory warning and wheelchair assistance if needed.