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The Program

The Family Choice Program is a unique, self-directed program that offers people with developmental disabilities and their families the control of recruiting Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and in-home coordination of services through the SELF, Level 1, and IO waivers.

As the agency provider of record, The Arc of Ohio assumes the hiring and training of DSPs while also providing oversight and responsibility for certification, compliance, waiver billing, workers’ compensation, and payroll.

In conjunction with a designated family representative (referred to as the Family Coordinator in HPC situations) or the OSL contractor, The Arc of Ohio oversees DSP compliance in regards to service documentation submission, incident reporting, and on-going staff training.

The Family Choice Program is based on the philosophy of self-determination and empowers people with developmental disabilities to enhance the quality of their lives by providing them with the opportunity for choice and control over their services and supports by acknowledging that they are the best judges of their own needs and how those needs should be met.

The Arc of Ohio is certified to provide the following services: 

  • Homemaker / Personal Care (HPC)
    • Offered through the SELF, Level 1, IO waivers 
    • Supports a person to be more independent while meeting their daily living needs. 
    • Direct service providers help people with household chores and personal care, including things like:
      • getting dressed and keeping clean
      • making food
      • cleaning and doing laundry
      • getting out and being a part of the community
  • Ohio Shared Living (OSL)
    • Offered through the IO waiver 
    • Provides an option for someone with a developmental disability to get the support they need while living with the paid caregiver
    • OSL providers are considered independent contractors
    • The Arc of Ohio only provides OSL to related individuals and caregivers
  • HPC Transportation
    • Offered throught the SELF, Level 1, and IO waivers
    • Can be utilized by both HPC & OSL 

The Family Choice Program is largely electronic-based and relies heavily on the competency of applicants to navigate the required online application and training requirements. Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) will use an online employee portal system to submit service documentation post-enrollment, so basic technology skills are crucial for successful longevity in the Family Choice Program. 

The following are mandatory requirements for all DSPs whether providing HPC services or Ohio Shared Living:

  1. Reliable internet connection
  2. Internet-ready computer
    • a mobile device will NOT be sufficient
  3. Basic computer skills, including:
    • ability to navigate websites and email
    • ability to complete online trainings that include Powerpoint slides and electronic quizzes
    • ability to complete online forms
    • ability to keep track of assigned login and password information
  4. Commitment to timely communication, including:
    • responsiveness to email communications from The Arc of Ohio
      • it is highly recommended that you check your email 1x per day
    • responsiveness to phone calls from The Arc of Ohio
In addition, all DSPs will be required to adhere to the following:
  1. Online documentation will be submitted within three (3) days of service
  2. All online documentation for a pay period will be submitted by 11:00 a.m. on the Monday prior to payday

What is a Family Coordinator?

For individuals receiving HPC services, The Arc of Ohio requires direct oversight of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) by asking families to designate a volunteer supervisor called the Family Coordinator. In conjunction with The Arc of Ohio, Family Coordinators oversee DSP compliance in regards to service documentation submission, incident reporting, and on-going staff training. Family Coordinators are responsible for scheduling DSPs and other various responsibilities. 

Family Coordinators will be asked to complete a brief training and to sign a Family Coordinator Agreement. Please proceed with the below training ONLY if you have been given instructions to do so by an FCP administrator. If you have not yet been instructed to complete this step, you will once your application has been processed. 

The Arc of Ohio strives to provide a smooth and timely enrollment for each applicant.  Please note that the enrollment timeline varies for each applicant. Factors that effect the enrollment timeline are: competency of applicant to complete training requirement and submit application items as directed, the coordination of The Arc and the local County Board of Developmental Disabilities to amend the ISP and authorize services, influx of applications, etc. 

The Arc of Ohio encourages all applicants to familiarize themselves with all of the requirements prior to submitting any applications. On average, 4 to 6 weeks is a realistic expectation for the enrollment process.

Ohio Shared Living (OSL) applicants follow the same process, with the understanding that the DSP is an in-home caregiver and is not being recruited from the community.

The Arc of Ohio created the Family Choice Program in order to help bridge the gap that some people with developmental disabilities and their families experience in finding quality waiver services. While the Family Choice Program began with the intention of supporting families in recruiting DSPs through their own network of support, The Arc of Ohio recognizes that some people may be limited in their personal connections, by residential location, and more. From this, the Staff Roster was created to provide individuals and families the ability to view a roster of our trained and vetted DSPs who are looking to be paired with a client in need of services.


Families / Individual Receiving Services

Families/individuals receiving services that are interested in viewing our Staff Roster should begin by submitting an Enrollee Application. Once processed, our administrative team will contact you to learn more about the services you are in need of.



DSPs that are interested in joining the Staff Roster should complete the Staff Application and subsequent training and application requirements. Our administrative team will work with you to develop a biography profile for the Roster. 


Download interactive Overview form:


Ready to get started? The online applications are available below. 


For the individual receiving services:



For both HPC & OSL DSPs:


Once a DSP submits an initial application, they will be instructed to move on to the next step. As you can see in the Overview section, there are additional application forms and trainings that are required. The Uploader pages provide a convenient way to download the needed forms and to securely submit them back to us. Please select the service you are applying for to be directed to appropriate page.

HPC Uploader:

OSL Uploader:

Have a question about Family Choice? Call Us: (234) 571-5689

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