FCP Onboard Copy

  • Step 1
    This application should be filled out on behalf of the individual receiving services by the person that will be serving as Family Coordinator. The Family Coordinator is a family representative that will serve as the person that works with you to coordinate the schedule in which the staff will work and will oversee the hours that the staff will submit to our payroll for accuracy. Think of this person as the liaison for the family that oversees services in the home and that The Arc maintains contact with when needed. The Family Coordinator cannot be the same person as the staff.
    Family Enrollment Application

    When we have received your Family Enrollment Application, we will make contact with the individual’s SSA to begin the process of being added to the ISP.

  • Step 2
    This is the initial application to be filled out by the staff person(s).
    HPC Application

    Once the HPC Application is received, our team will follow up with the staff regarding the additional application and training requirements.

  • Now that you have completed the Family Enrollment and HPC Provider Applications, you are ready to upload your documents.

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