• The Arc of Ohio is not structured for overtime with the exception of emergency situations. We keep our hourly rates as high as we can and when overtime kicks in we lose money on each unit of service delivered. Because of this, it is crucial and required that all FCP employees follow our overtime policy.

    Through The Arc, you are not permitted to provide over 40 hours a week of HPC for all individuals combined. This means that if you provide services to multiple individuals, then you can only provide 40 hours/week for all individuals combined, not 40 hours a week for each individual separately.

    > You are only approved to work up to 40 hours a week through The Arc with the exception of emergency situations which will still need prior approval.

    > All requests for approval must be sent to overtime@thearcofohio.org.

    > Any hours documented over the 40 hours will not be paid out or billed to the waiver unless The Arc has provided prior approval.

  • By e-signing your name, you are verifying that you understand The Arc's overtime policy and will not work past 40 hours/week without prior written approval.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY